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With the variety of programs and extracurricular activities offered at SHS, we find it vital to keep our community posted on the successes of our students and other happenings that go on throughout the school year. We will use this page to keep our community and parents informed, so please be sure to check back often.

Governor Ducey Announces Open for Learning

Please take a moment to read important information regarding the executive order announced by Governor Ducey on July 23, 2020.

Options for 2020–2021 School Year

Parents and Students of Snowflake High School,

This letter is to inform you of the options for students for the upcoming school year at Snowflake High School. As of this writing, school will open to students on Monday, August 17. Our hope is that we are able to meet starting August 17 with a normal seven-period schedule.

At this time, students have two options for enrolling at SHS.

The first option is a normal school day with seven periods. We will follow the guidelines for returning to school safely, as Mr. Merrell directed. Although we are offering two options, we believe our students learn best in person with the help of a teacher in the classroom. Because we feel this is the best option for the vast majority of our students, SHS admin and staff will work closely with parents and students on absences and make-up work. We will use our nurse to clear and excuse students to go home in lieu of a doctor’s note.

The second option is an online program called Edgenuity. We have used this program for several years to help students with credit recovery. Using Edgenuity, the student would stay home and work online to complete courses. A student would need to complete at least six courses per semester in order to stay on track to graduate on time. Students that choose this option may participate in school-sponsored athletics and activities (which will require them to purchase a Student ID card and pay any required sports fees). As a reminder, these students would not be eligible to participate in any music programs on campus but may eat breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria. They must also be on campus for benchmark and standardized testing. This option for students is free of charge.

Students who choose the online option would need to meet with a counselor to help set up a schedule. Math, English, and science are all core classes that students must schedule. They must also schedule health and social studies classes if they need these to complete graduation requirements. The student will choose the remainder of the schedule from available online elective classes. 

Faculty on campus will provide the student with encouragement and some help in making progress in the classes. An average student would take between 70 to 80 hours of online work to complete a .5 credit course. This means that a student would need to spend six to eight hours per school day to complete six courses in the semester. The school can only provide credit if the student completes the online course with a passing grade. The student would need to finish a course within that enrolled semester. This form of learning takes a lot of dedication and self-motivation to be successful. Students should not choose this option thinking it will be an easier task than being here on campus.

Any student that chooses the Edgenuity online option and then feels the need to change to attending in person must do so no later than Friday, September 4. If a student opts out by that date, the counselor will place them in a normal classroom schedule. Students must make up the missed classroom work when transferring into a classroom. Instructors will consider any work completed online when deciding how much make-up work students must complete. After September 4, the school will not allow students in an online Edgenuity course to switch to an on-campus schedule until the beginning of the next semester, which begins January 4, 2021.

To better meet your needs as we plan for the upcoming year, we need you to make a decision on which option works best for you. If you are choosing option one, attending classes in person, you do not need to respond. Our counseling department has completed your schedule. 

However, if your student is planning on using option two, online Edgenuity, you must inform us by Friday, July 17. You may let us know by responding to the email notification we sent to families, or by calling the front office at (928) 536-4156, extension 7512. Be sure to include your student’s name and let us know if you will have access to technology. Please feel free to call if you have any questions or concerns.

Our counselors will have schedules available to view on Family Link the first week of August. We will provide more information as it becomes available.

Thank you and enjoy your summer!

August Grab and Go Meal Service

Due to the continuous, steady decline in the number of families participating in the summer food program, July 9 was the last day we are providing that service. Those that have been participating should have this information; however, we felt like we should inform all families.

We will begin providing breakfast and lunch on the original date school was to start, which is August 5. All six of our school sites will have meals available on that date. We will notify parents of the pickup times as we get closer to August. Once school starts on August 17, we will begin the normal breakfast and lunch programs provided for students at each school. Thank you!