Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of our most commonly asked questions from parents, students, and community members. If you still do not see the answer to your question, you may check our student handbook. You will find a copy on our Home page under our Quick Links section. If you still don’t find your answers, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Where will I hear about school closures due to weather conditions?
We utilize the SchoolReach phone service to communicate school closures and other important information. If you’ve missed a message, parents may call (855) 955.8500 from the phone that received the message. The EZ Retrieval Line will recognize the phone number calling, and parents can listen to any message sent within the last 30 days. We will also post emergency and closure announcements on our website.

What do I need to do to report an absence?
It is the obligation of the parent of an absent student to contact the school attendance office prior to or on the actual day of the absence. Parents need to call prior to the return of their child to school or send a written/signed note explaining the absence on the day the student returns to school. At the time of the call-in, we expect parents to verify the reasons for and date(s) of the absence. We do this for your child’s safety. During school hours, students are our responsibility. If they are absent, we want to make sure the parent is aware of the absence as well.

Does SHS have a dress code?
Student dress and grooming are generally a matter of personal choice. However, the district recognizes that there is a relationship between student dress and student success, school pride, the safety and general welfare of students and staff, and the accomplishment of the curriculum goals and educational objectives. Accordingly, dress and grooming standards prohibit student dress or grooming that, in the final judgment of the school administration:

  • presents a risk to the health, safety, or general welfare of students, staff, or others;

  • interferes with or disrupts the educational environment or process;

  • is counterproductive to curriculum goals or educational objectives;

  • produces disorder or creates an atmosphere of threat, intimidation, or undue pressure; or

  • causes excessive wear or damage to school property.

Does my student need a parking permit?
Driving a vehicle to Snowflake High School is a privilege, not a right. We may revoke this privilege for any student who violates parking regulations or traffic laws. All student drivers must obtain a parking permit to bring a vehicle to campus. To obtain a permit, a student must provide the following:

  • $5.00 for each permit. A permit is required for each vehicle that you may drive to campus.

  • A completed Parking Permit Application includes:

    • Your driver’s license number and expiration date

    • Your license plate

    • The year, make, model, and color of the vehicle

    • The registered owner of the vehicle

The permit must be displayed clearly and visibly at the front of the vehicle. Permits cannot be traded, loaned, resold, duplicated, or given to another student. Students found to be engaged in such activities will have their parking permit revoked and will be subject to disciplinary action. If your permit is lost, stolen, destroyed, or somehow disappears, you must obtain a replacement in order to park on campus. Replacements permits are $5.00. Parking is by permit only on school days between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Parking will be enforced during release time, as well.

Does Snowflake High School Use Social Media?
Yes, please “like” us on Facebook.

My son/daughter is a senior. Where can I find help with applying to colleges?
Our Guidance and Counseling Department is available to discuss the college application process with the student, the parent, or both. Please stop by our office or give us a call to set up an appointment. We will also post information regarding testing and scholarship opportunities as they become available on our Guidance and Counseling page.

How do I view current job openings with SHS?
Thank you for your interest in SHS. You will find job openings, applications, and procedures for applying on our district Human Resources page.

Where can my student receive extra help meeting benchmark requirements?
If your child is looking for extra help, we encourage him/her to first contact the teacher. We also have the Re-Teach and Enrichment Fridays program available to our students.